Questions About Consigning

WE WILL NOT BE TAKING CONSIGNORS IN SEPTEMBER – We need to get settled into our own school school year.

  1. Drop off will be by appointment. If this weeks open house hours don’t work for you, we will work out hours for the next week. 
  2. There will be a one-time consignor set up fee of $15.
  3. Please message me with your Name, Mailing Address, Cell Phone Number, Email Address, paypal email address if it is different and what year your kiddos you are homeschooling were born (this gives me an opportunity to get to know you a little and understand what phase of homeschooling you are in).
    •  If there are items I determine cannot be sold please specify if you would like to pick up or if you would like me to donate or dispose of. 
    • Also if an item can sell but not for at least $2 then it is not worth all the work to label take pictures and post. If you would like to donate these items we have a cheap box that helps cover the cost of packaging material.
    • If you would rather just pick up everything that I do not list please specify and you will be notified for pick up. If you do not return to pick up your unsaleable items in one week they will be donated. 
  4. Consignors will receive 50% in store credit or 40% cash payout. (This will be reviewed periodically, if changes are made you will be advised). Payment will be made once a year in December. Paypal is the prefered method of payment to consignors. We can make other arrangements if necessary. You may also use your balance in store at any time. 
  5. We will be taking homeschooling items for all grade levels. 
  • Workbooks: We will not be taking any workbooks that are missing pages or have writing in them (except for special circumstances). Please be diligent to check this before bringing them in this will be much appreciated by the shopper who won’t find surprises. I will not have time to check every page or to erase writing. 
  • Games or any other item with pieces; Please check that all pieces are accounted for, if there are pieces missing that do not effect the use we can still take. Please note
  • Science Kits: I need a link to the science kit to be able to share with the buyer. I will need a list of what should be included and what is missing. I will need to know exactly which curriculum the kit was for.
  • Please keep in mind the quality of your item and whether you would want to purchase them in that condition. This will serve you well as the consignor and shopper. 
  1. Plan to stay for 15 minutes for me to glance through your items and for you to give me any information I might need to know.  
  2. Materials should be brought in Medium size boxes that can easily be moved without straining my back :) Labeled with your name. These boxes will stay so I suggest 12x12x12 cardboard boxes. Pleas make sure your box and books are not full of dirt and dust as I unload these books in our living room to process. 
  3. We are located in Lynden, as it is our home I will message you the address when you make your appointment, please wear removable shoes and come to the side garage door. 

If there are any more questions that I have missed please let me know.