Questions About Shopping

Four ways to shop:

2. Our website. Here you can search by category and build a shopping cart. It will send me a notice with your list and I can send you a Paypal request or if you are local we can set up a pick up time and the books can be set aside. (It will ask for your address to send the cart even if you are planning to pickup)

1. Our Facebook page - every picture on the page is on the shelf. This is updated as soon as something comes in or goes out. It is a great idea to follow the page to see updates as items come in and for other announcements.

3. In the store by appointment - you can contact me for an appointment to come shop the store.

4. Weekly open house hours. There will usually be 2-3 times set each week. The times will vary from week to week. If the times do not work for you, please let me know which times will work next week and I will try to plan one of the times around you.


We are more than happy to ship anywhere within the US. At this point we are not shipping for orders less than $10. By the time I add the shipping materials and my time to go to ship it there are no earnings left. You do however have the option, if you don’t need the item right away, to pay for the item you are wanting and save them until you have $10 in items you would like and ship at that point. Paying ahead ensures that you keep that item.


1. Cash (this is the easiest)

2. Check (local)

3. Paypal (even in store, if you can do it on your phone)